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Murder Mystery Party Adelaide

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 23 October 2019

Get the best murder mystery party game available in Adelaide or your money back!

We work all over Adelaide and South Australia. We have held our murder mystery parties in Coober Pedy, Ridges Pitt Lane Hotel and the Woodville Town Hall. Need a murder mystery party Adelaide? We are the best in the business and offer the most outstanding range of murder mystery games.

Organising a Party but Want Something New?

Organising a party for your workmates and need to break the ice? Throwing a party but need something fun and not a gloomy get together? Well, then throw your worries out of the window and contact us! Take your party up a notch and solve some mysteries!

Our Murder Mystery Party Games

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Boxed and Download - Adult murder mystery games

Download Only - Adult murder mystery games

Teenager murder mystery games

Adult and teenager party games (no murder)

Kids' party games (no murder)

Mini F.A.Q.

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    • How much do the games cost? Click the mystery game images above to see prices.
    • Do we need a host? It is up to you. You purchase a game from us then run it yourself or hire a murder mystery host in your state.
    • Are you available on...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact the hosts directly to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get their own character? Sure do. All get a character badge and in most games each character gets a small backstory.
    • What do I get? Our murder mystery games contain from 100 to 300 items to make your party amazing.
    • Can I ask questions? Yes please. Click "Contact Us" above.

Murder Mystery Themed Parties are Here

If you are organising a get together in Adelaide our murder mystery-themed parties are a must try. Our games provide you with a guided tour and help you choose from a variety of options satisfying your taste. Hosts can be sent to your party venue if you need some humorous and quirky characters to spice up the mood. Not only this, in case you feel like you want your party to be run your way, then you can organise your very own custom murder mystery parties. Just give us a call, take expert advice from our team, and enjoy the evening to the fullest.

Entertain your guests and keep them from getting bored at your next training day. Play the victim, play the criminal or play the detective - it's your choice. You want it, and we have got it. Just sit back and relax and let us prepare a memorable evening or afternoon for you and your friends and family. Be it parties for kids, teens, adults, family members, workmates, best friends anyone. Murder mystery-themed parties can be enjoyed by everyone alike.

Why have a murder mystery party in Adelaide?

Adelaide has beautiful weather. The nights are warm, clear and dry and a murder mystery party Adelaide is a fabulous way to have fun with your friends. Choosing a place where you can enjoy an amazing sense of adventure, sleuthing and murder is easy because Adelaide is one of those cities which has everything. You can have your friends around for a party at your house or run it at work. Organise a murder mystery dinner and just like that, everything will be a lot more fun. Why choose Adelaide for a murder mystery party? Adelaide is a splendid city for a murder mystery party. Adelaide has a beautiful environment and a very fresh atmosphere. There are many places in the South Australia for a person to throw a major party on both small and large scale. We can assist you with the equipment required by providing a specific gaming pack for a fantastic Murder Mystery Party.

Our packages include; Premium and Standard Edition games ready to be ordered. We have boxed and downloadable games that get great reviews from our customers. If you are organising a party in Adelaide, we will make sure that you have a murderous blast.

How long does a murder mystery game take for delivery to Adelaide?

If you get a downloadable murder mystery game you will receive it instantly. Games to the Adelaide metro area will take 1 to 2 days to arrive and murder mystery games to regional South Australia will take 2 to 7 days to arrive.

Can you recommend a murder mystery venue in Adelaide?

We have already performed in places like Coober Pedy, The Woodville Town Hall, and Ridges Pitt Lane Hotel. That is the main reason we applaud this city because of its sense of fun and style. You can try our list of Adelaide based venues

Do you have murder mystery hosts in Adelaide?

Yes we maintain an amazing list of murder mystery hosts in Adelaide. Click this link to view

A great party needs a great host. To achieve this goal, we list our very own team of professional actors and murder mystery experts. Our hosts will provide you with live entertainment, thrills, action, murder and investigation for the audience and the people at the party. Alternatively you or a friend can run the party yourself.

What does it cost to have a murder mystery party?

First you need to get a murder mystery game and they cost between $80 and $550. Next you need a host or you or a friend can run the party. A host will cost between $250 and $500 depending on factor like the size of your group. This can be as low as $2.30 per person including hosting.

How long have you been running murder mystery parties in Adelaide?

We started in 1990. We have been running our fun and mysterious murder mystery games in Adelaide for a very long time.

What do I do now to organise my murder mystery party?

Click one of the game links below to start exploring your Adelaide murder mystery party options.

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